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Members of Engineers Australia can view the recording free on MyPortal. Simply logon and navigate to Technologies > Architecture

Title: IoT System and Device Architecture and Implementation

Presenter: Geoff Sizer, Applied IOT Engineering Community Leader and CEO, Genesys Electronics Design

What you will learn:

·         IOT systems architecture from the Cloud to Things, including networking and communications protocols

·         hardware and software architectures for Things, mobile devices, communications devices and Cloud based applications

·         How to go about defining the architecture of your IOT system and its component parts

Description: Previous webinars of Engineers Australia’s Applied IoT Engineering Community have provided an introduction to the IoT, its real-world applications, and elements of typical IOT systems.

This webinar will extend this knowledge by examining in more detail the architecture of an IOT system, considering Things, their interconnection to the Internet either directly or via local area networks, and how they communicate with each other, with the Cloud and with mobile device applications.  This includes device identification an addressing, as well as typical communications protocols which will be encountered

The hardware architecture and implementation of a Thing will be described, including its sensors, actuators, intelligence, identification, communications, powering and housing.  The firmware architecture and implementation of Thing firmware will be similarly explored, considering its operating system, sensor and actuator interfacing, communications protocol stack, configuration and health monitoring.

Cloud system architecture will be explored, including Cloud virtual servers, data storage and services offered by vendors such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.   This will include the process for establishing a Cloud based server system.

The structure and implementation of mobile device applications on Apple iOS and Android platforms will be described.

About the presenter: Genesys founder and CEO Geoff Sizer has a lifelong passion for electronics and technology, and an ongoing commitment to the electronics engineering profession. He has more than 35 years experience in electronic product development ranging from complex systems to simple consumer goods for a diverse range of industries and applications. Geoff is a Fellow of Engineers Australia and is a Chartered Professional Engineer. As a former President of the IREE, Geoff was instrumental in the formation of the ITEE College in Engineers Australia and is its immediate past chair. He has championed the formation of the Applied IOT Community of practice, and is the Community Leader for 2017. During his career Geoff has acted as a Director or Chief Technical Officer for several leading technology firms including Advanced Systems Research Pty Ltd, Advanced Spectrum Technologies Pty Ltd, EMC Assessors Pty Ltd, Telezygology Inc and Embertec Pty Ltd.


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