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Smart Island: Digital Transformation in Tasmania


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Presenter: Dr Paul Neumeyer, Program Manager - Technology and Infrastructure, Sense-T, University of Tasmania

What you will learn:

·         Outcomes and lessons learnt from practical Internet of Things (IOT) initiatives across a range of industries

·         How to work with data and its infinite applications, combined with sensing technologies and analytics to help see alignments and opportunities

·         A state-wide approach to collaboration around IOT

Description: What can happen when a university, government, national research body and leading businesses collaborate to create a cohesive state-wide strategy to take advantage of and apply the latest digital technologies? The answer is digital transformation across a range of industries. This is exactly what is happening in Tasmania, where a project called Sense-T is driving innovation in agriculture, aquaculture, tourism, health, logistics and natural capital.

Sense-T is a partnership between the University of Tasmania, CSIRO and the Tasmanian Government. It has developed a spatio-temporal Data Platform allowing near real-time data to be processed and combined, to help make informed production and operational decisions based on the location and context for their specific needs.

With more than 30,000 data streams available on the platform and over ten organisations currently contributing, using and sharing the data, Sense-T has created a unique ecosystem. The presentation will cover some of the outcomes, as well as key lessons learnt, from Sense-T projects that applied IoT and sensing technology to address practical problems. The presentation will also cover the new LoRaWAN initiative in Tasmania and opportunities that it presents for Smart Cities, Smart Communities and a Smart Island.

About the presenter: Dr Paul Neumeyer is the Program Manager - Technology and Infrastructure at Sense-T at the University of Tasmania, and is responsible for delivering innovative technology and key infrastructure. Paul is a seasoned technology leader with a commercial track record involving innovation in complex environments. Originally from Hobart, Paul is experienced in commercialisation and established and operated several companies in Sydney. He has wide experience and skills in systems architecture, leading technical teams and has consulted to top tier enterprises. Paul has an engineering background and holds a PhD in Computer Systems Engineering.


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