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Preparing for Smart Communities


Recording: This webinar has now passed. For copyright reasons, a recording is not available.

Title: Preparing for digital disruption: What councils are doing to realise the vision of Smart Communities.


  • Neil Maharaj, Business Systems Analyst and Angela Robertson, Business Analyst, Business Transformation Team, Brimbank Council
  • Matthew Schultz, City Digital Officer, Ipswich City Council

What you will learn:

  • How councils are planning to realize the vision of Smart Communities.
  • What councils are doing to get ready for the internet of things
  • Applications and challenges of IOT in local government.
  • How IOT integrates with the broader digital plan of councils.


In this webinar we hear from two different councils about how they are preparing for the challenges and opportunities of the Internet of Things in the broader context of smart cities and the digital future.

The first presentation examines Brimbank Council’s planning process and the policies required to realise the opportunity. The presentation examines the Australian Government Smart Cities Plan and how to go beyond the technology and mobile perspective to leverage data and drive better community outcomes. Potential IOT applications are examined, including the integration of drone sensors.

The second presentation looks at the City of Ipswich which is in the first phases of implementing is Smart City Blueprint. Key aspects include smart infrastructure sensors and installation, access and proximity network connectivity, trials of smart city data analytics and visualisation platforms.

About the presenters:

  • Neil Maharaj has been at Brimbank City Council for five years in the role of Business Systems Analyst. He is currently seconded to the Business Transformation team as a Solution Architect. Previously Neil worked as a systems engineer at EDS Australia Holdens Engine Operations and has contracted as a software developer for Federal Government.
  • Angela Robertson has been at Brimbank City Council for seven years in the role of Business Analyst.  She is currently seconded to the Business Transformation team as the Process Lead.   Previously Angela worked as a Systems Analyst at a St Vincent’s Hospital and as a Business Analyst for BP Australia.
  • Matthew Schultz is a leading digital economy practitioner and is treasurer of the Australian Smart Communities Association. He has worked in a number of ICT roles for Ipswich City Council, including as the NBN Project Manager, as well as with other councils.

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