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Councils 4.0: The next frontier

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Title: Councils 4.0: The next frontier - disruptive technologies, citizen-centricity and business models.

Presenter: Renald Gallis, VP Ecosystem & Marketing, Thinxtra

What you will learn:

·         How councils can leverage IOT

·         How to address the connectivity challenges in regional areas.

·         How the Sigfox narrowband communication technology enables IOT

Description: Councils stand to benefit greatly from the internet of things. This presentation looks at the way councils can start to connect assets and leverage the IOT ecosystem to improve productivity. In particular, we look at how narrow band communication technologies can help include regional and remote areas in this transformation. We provide a case study of how one particular technology, Sigfox, is being rolled out across the country. We examine how Australia can improve resilience, increase GDP and become an innovation leader by including its regional and remote areas in the Industrial IoT revolution?

About the presenter: Renald Gallis has 25 years of senior management experience in different continents, leading teams from diverse departments and multi-cultural backgrounds. Over the past four years he has focused IoT/M2M markets including smart cities, smart industry and smart agriculture, including helping Thinxtra become a network operator building nationwide Internet of Things in Australia and New Zealand using Sigfox technology.


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