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Tipping Points in Mining and Petroleum

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Presenter: Steven Travers, Executive Manager, IoT Cluster for Mining & Energy Resources

What you will learn:
• Applications of IOT in the mining and petroleum industries.
• Key opportunities and the potential areas of work 
• The factors driving the opportunity

Description: This presentation will set out the opportunities for applications and outcomes related to the Internet of Things (IOT) within the mining & petroleum sectors. It will look at the development of technology and applications, how they fit with business opportunities and the priority areas where value can be realised.

Focus areas for these sectors are: Development of IoT components; Monitoring & optimization; Safety systems; Geological systems; Site-wide operating systems; and Automation application.
There is significant potential for value to be created by both end-users and technology developers, through commitment to effectively capture, liberate and manage data, and in collaboration to drive insight.

About the presenter: Steven Travers is the Executive Manager of the IoT Cluster for Mining & Energy Resources in the AIIA. Travers graduated with honours in Geology & Petroleum Geology from the University of Aberdeen, and also holds Masters Degrees in Drilling & Well Engineering, and Business Administration. He joined the Petroleum Industry in 2001, and has held a variety of positions in a variety of locations, from Field Engineer to Executive. In his current role, Travers works with the Australian Information Industry Association, with a remit to drive collaboration between the Resources and Technology sectors.


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