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Smart Cities and the IOT

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  • Members of Engineers Australia can view the recording free on MyPortal. Simply logon and navigate to Industry Applications > Smart Cities


Presenter: Catherine Caruana-McManus, Founder, Giant Ideas

What you will learn:

  • The smart city concept

  • How the internet of things supports smart cities

  • How building information modelling is evolving to meet city wide modelling

Description: Smart Cities are widely seen as one of the major areas of application for the Internet of Things (IOT). But just what is a Smart City? This webinar outlines the core technologies underpinning the smart city concept and explores the associated business models with case studies showing how productivity in cities can be improved. In particular, a new specification called Hypercat is examined. Hypercat facilitates interoperability among IOT devices monitoring city environment, enabling the promise of smarter decision making and improved services.

About the presenter: Catherine Caruana-McManus is the founder of Giant Ideas, a digital transformation firm for smart cities and the IoT. She is also a non-Executive Director of Meshed, a board member of Hypercat Australia, and is on the Technical Advisory Council for the Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network. Previously, Catherine was the Director of IBM’s Smarter Cities business for ANZ and held senior positions with MC2 Consulting, PMP New Media Limited and Telstra.


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