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Distributed Intelligence in Building Services: IOT Case study


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Presenter: Dean Campbell-Smith, Technical Director, Organic Response

About the presenter: After studying at ANU in Canberra, Dean began his career in 2000 developing embedded electronics devices - often with a wireless focus. While he has worked for several large organisations, his passion is in the highly innovative start-up space. 

Description: We live in a resource constrained world. Driving efficiency in the use of property assets requires an understanding their usage. This presentation focuses on the challenge of developing and deploying a connected sensor network to derive that understanding. The presentation will first introduce the value proposition of deploying connected sensors into the built environment followed by the technical details of delivering on this proposition using the distributed intelligence technology applied to lighting control developed at Organic Response.

Our inspiration in developing a distributed intelligence system arose from how a school of fish move effortlessly. Organic Response utilises non-addressable distributed intelligence, employing proximity-limited wireless communication which allows each individual luminaire to make lighting decisions based on a range on inputs according to an algorithm optimised for that environment. The luminaire then contributes information back to the luminaire community, so other luminaires can in turn make more informed lighting decisions. While each luminaire makes decisions individually, distributed intelligence means all the lights in a defined space act together seamlessly in an elegant, robust system.

The presentation will include details from our first connected pilot installation and initial insights into the use of internet of things technology.




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