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Webinar: IoT Systems Design - Lessons Learned from Practical Experience


IoT Systems Design - Lessons Learned from Practical Experience


By Geoff Sizer

Over the past few years, Geoff's company Genesys Electronics Design has designed and developed a wide range of IoT systems, encompassing deployed sensing & actuator devices, through Personal Area, Local Area and Wide Area networks to the Cloud. These systems collectively use most of the communications, processing and powering technologies that are encountered in IoT systems.  They include devices which use WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy communications to link with mobile devices and thence the Internet.
IoT systems which will be used as examples are:

  • Security surveillance monitoring
  • Surveillance camera support
  • Home monitoring for the elderly
  • Water resource monitoring
  • Mobile device controlled signage
  • Medical devices for diagnostics

The communications technologies and powering methods used for each of these systems will be described, including selection methodology and field experience.
Geoff will share his experience gained in the development, production transfer and field support of these systems.  In particular, he will address:

  • Cost effective electronics design
  • Communications methods and options
  • Antennas and RF signal egress
  • Enclosures and environmental protection
  • Electromagnetic compatibility and radiocommunications compliance
  • Communications security
  • Establishing volume production
  • Deployment and commissioning

Geoff will conclude by describing electronics modules and software that Genesys has developed as an IoT systems development resource, to embody "lessons earned" to allow rapid implementation and deployment of IoT proof-of-concept systems.

Key takeaways

  • How to architect your IoT system
  • Selection of key communications, powering and other technologies
  • Tips and tricks for successful under-the-hood design
  • How to navigate regulatory compliance & certification

Tuesday 13 April 2021, 12:00pm to 1:00pm AEST

Engineers Australia members: FREE 
Non-Engineers Australia members: $30

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