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IoT Commerical Practicalities


IoT Commerical Practicalities

by Jon Eggins

IoT technology is often self-evident, and self-selecting. However, commercially viable IoTapplications are often not. In this webinar, we look at a common set of commercial practicalities
for a successful IoT system and team.

We'll be discussing the economies of IoT development, and common pitfalls and mistakes made by start-ups & entrepreneurs.

We'll also be looking at your team and its skills, and the engineering maturity of your team, and why your technology is just a tool in your toolbox, and not the be-all and end-all of your success.

About the speaker

Jon has over 20-years of experience in developing electronic products with Genesys, Philips and now VBreathe. Over this time, Jon has been responsible for other functions such as operations, HR, sales, marketing and communications.

He has specific interests in IoT architecture and electro-mechanical systems more generally.

Key takeaways

  • Money talks & false economies
  • "I love your idea ... but no, I don't want to buy it."
  • It's all about people
  • Your tech should be hidden

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