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Wearable sensing technologies key to IoT future


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Wearable sensing technologies key to IoT future

by Javad Foroughi


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With IoT systems beginning to become commoditised, the point of differentiation for new product development is increasingly moving towards the ability to leverage smart sensing technologies. A key field of research is that of new electromaterials and novel fabrication strategies for seamlessly embedding sensors into fabrics. Garments made with such fabrics is enabling applications such as health to activity monitoring in a wide range of industries. For example the realtime location tracking and monitoring of vital signs is attractive in the next generation of defence apparel. 

In this presentation, Javad Fourughi will provide an overview of the growing wearable technologies industry, including his how speciality of nanostructured piezoelectrics fibres. Javad will then describe the ideal future of reliable sensing, communication of data and powering of devices passively by body movements and received radiation.

About the speaker

Dr Foroughi was a Senior Research Fellow at School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering, University of Wollongong and a recipient of Australian Research Council DECRA Fellowship. Dr Foroughi has pioneered the field of electrofunctional materials and he is widely acknowledged as the inventor of electrochemical torsional actuators based on carbon nanotube yarn (published in Science 2011). His research focuses on the development of electrofunctional nano-materials for wearable technology including biomedical applications (wearable devices).

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