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Key Success Factors for IoT Projects


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Presenter: Simon Blyth, CEO, LX Group

Description: While the range of options are increasing with new Internet of Things (IOT) technologies, the fundamental engineering techniques are much the same as for previous M2M projects. This presentation sets out the key success factors for successfully implementing projects using IOT technologies.

Starting with the end in mind, this presentation will first unpack common commercial drivers for developing an IoT product, service and/or solution. These commercial drivers will often significantly direct the critical success factors for an IoT solution.  Then, moving into product architecture and key technology evaluation/selection, a simple framework will be explored to help both business and technical individuals navigate common IoT requirements and their associated success factors.  

This framework will cover key factors such as; power, unit cost, physical size, production volume and functionality (including various levels of future proofing and certification requirements).  Due to the popularity of tracking and sensing applications there will be time allocated to address these areas specifically along with the question of IoT network impacts/options.  Also discussed are some high level project management & risk mitigation methodologies and the nature of proving IoT business value in a rapidly changing technological environment.

Simon Blyth said: “In over 250 custom IoT products and projects I believe the overall key success factor is strong alignment between the commercial objectives and the system architecture/key technology section."

This webinar is ideal for those keen to get started with their IOT project.

About the presenter: Simon Blyth is the CEO and founder of LX, a BRW Fast 100 company specialising in the turn-key design of innovative IoT (Internet of Things) products and solutions.  Simon and the team at LX have worked on over 250 custom IOT embedded system products and have won a number of national and international awards for both business operations/performance and engineering/design calibre.  Simon has been listed by SmartCompany as one of Australia’s top 30 young entrepreneurs, has been the founder and director of 8 start-ups, two non-profit organisations and has acted as an early stage investor and mentor for a number of technology start-ups. 

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