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Electronics Manufacturing and Design for Manufacture


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The manufacture of quality electronic products requires a capable manufacturer with a robust quality management system, supported by sound engineering of designs with a strong “design for manufacture” focus.
This webinar explores how Australian companies can cost-effectively design and manufacture their next generation of products in Australia.  We begin by describing the key elements of the electronics manufacturing process, from sourcing parts to boxed product assembly.  We then explore design for manufacture principles and show how they align with these production processes. 
Surprisingly, the cost of electronics manufacturing in Australia can approach price parity with Asian countries. This untold success story runs counter to the common perception that all electronics manufacturing in Australia is dead. However, particularly in demanding mission or safety-critical industries like medical, defence, aerospace and mining, Australian manufacturers have held their own. 
Now they are turning the tables as a relentless focus on quality-driven continual improvement has improved unit costs to within 80% to 90% of Asian manufacturers. When combined with other service, reliability and security factors, and contrasted with the logistical challenges of dealing with outsourcing partners, the value proposition for keeping manufacturing wholly in Australia is growing more compelling by the day. 

About the presenters: 

  • Serena Ross is the general manager at Circuitwise, a contract electronics manufacturer and turnkey product assembly.  
  • Geoff sizer is the CEO of Genesys Electronics Design, an electronics design firm specialising in the development of smart electronic devices leveraging Internet of Things technologies. 


  • Understand design for manufacture in electronics
  • Be familiar with the end-to-end electronics manufacturing process
  • Learn how to brief both designers and manufacturers for best outcomes

Webinar slides - Design for manufacture.pdf

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