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Plant Water Stress & Sap Flow measuring & monitoring tools


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By Dr Peter Cull, Director, ICT International


Description & Presenter:

Dr Peter Cull is passionate about the need to use water efficiently in cropping, forestry and the natural environment. To achieve water use efficiency, it is necessary to quantify and monitor water in the natural environment.

Dr Peter Cull has always believed that developing precision instruments to accurately measure, monitor and understand water would make a significant contribution to some of the major challenges in food production and land use. Completing his PhD in irrigation monitoring in 1979, Dr Cull commenced work as a scientist for CSIRO for 3 years. He subsequently worked for many years as a cotton agronomist consulting to corporate cotton farmers in Australia.

Commencing in 1982 Dr Cull developed an Australia based company, ICT International, into a highly successful business researching, developing, manufacturing and exporting scientific instrumentation, providing scientific measuring and monitoring solutions, suitable even for some of the world’s harshest environments. These instruments are largely targeted at monitoring water movement through the natural environment.

ICT International is a company that has the responsibility of further refining, developing and bringing to market many of the ideas generated by soil and plant scientists.
Dr Cull’s professional goal is to continue investing in the research of environmental monitoring solutions for the future.

Presentation: 2019-03-19 ICT Soil Water & Plant Sensors Final.pdf

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