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IoT Data Models - bringing order to IoT chaos


View the recording: This webinar has passed. 

Members of Engineers Australia can view the recording free on MyPortal. Simply logon and navigate to Technologies > Data Analytics



A Data Model in our context is an object-oriented data-centric representation of physically distributed and/or centralised data and functions within a system or sub-system.

Data models are key underlying structures that provide modularity, scalability, flexibility and interoperability between IoT systems big and small. 
On the small scale, they ensure easy mapping and logical grouping and action of inputs and outputs, and on the large scale, they make interoperability mapping between disparate systems elegant.
At the detail level, mapping layer APIs and comms protocols to the data model makes your system scalable, and helps avoid wheel-reinvention of platforms from development to development.
Data models bring order to the chaos, or rather, prevent chaos from being entertained.

About the presenter:


BE (Hons)

Jon has more than 20 years of electronic product development experience, particularly in the area of embedded hardware and software development.

Jon has held positions such as embedded software team leader at Philips, plus more diverse roles including those relating to marketing, communications and people development; Jon is an experienced people manager with a passion for developing people and teams.

Jon manages several client relationships and projects and is involved in detailed engineering and review on complex projects. He has specific technical interests in the areas development of IoT architecture, indoor location systems and electro-mechanical systems in general.


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