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LIVE CANBERRA EVENT TOMORROW – WEDNESDAY 14 NOVEMBER, 12PM TO 1.30PM (join via Webinar for Non-Canberra members)

The Risk Engineering Society will be hosting a live discussion panel and Q&A session on the risks associated with and future of driverless or AV (Autonomous Vehicles).  

Live Event & National Webinar

Entrusting the driving task to a computer will eventually become a reality, but the journey to then will be gradual, complex and potentially dangerous.


As we grapple with the reality of dealing with a range of Autonomous Vehicles (AV) on our roads, there is general agreement these vehicles will make driving easier, more comfortable, and eventually, safer. Entrusting the driving task to a computer will eventually become a reality, but the journey to then will be gradual, complex, and potentially dangerous.

As the technology improves the risk profile changes and the number of unexpected and potentially dangerous events the car will not be able to reliably respond to will reduce. However, this raises new issues around driver awareness where the driver could become complacent in an environment where increasing speed and other, unforeseen obstacles could result in potentially dire consequences.

This raises new challenges for many organisations involved with AV safety including regulators, manufacturers, law enforcement, and associated organisations such as Engineers Australia and the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP).

The ACT Government, together with Seeing Machines, has established an AV study - initiated the CAN drive -  trial which will, through observing driver behaviour in an automated vehicle setting, help us better understand when and why, from both a safety and a regulatory perspective, a driver should be in control rather than the automated vehicle, and help to manage the transition from one to the other with reduced risk.

The CAN Drive trial CAN drive supports a growing appetite internationally to understand issues such as when and how drivers will use automated driving functions and how it might impact their awareness of the environment around them, as well as their ability to take control of steering and speed functions from the vehicle when required, and at short notice.

A panel discussion will be held at Seeing Machines offices, Fyshwick, and broadcast live via a National Webinar.

Speaker 1: Mr Andrew McCredie, ACT Government AV Trial Governance Committee:  Why CAN drive trial is being conducted.

Speaker 2: Mr Ken Kroeger, Chairman, Seeing Machines Ltd: What Seeing Machines are doing, and what have found so far.

Ken joined Seeing Machines in 2011 as CEO.  Under Ken’s leadership the company has been strategically transformed into a recognized industry leader in computer vision, eye-tracking and intervention safety products and services with leading customers such as Caterpillar.

Ken’s understanding of computer technology was honed at the North Alberta Institute of Technology. His experience as a technology entrepreneur came to the fore when he moved to Australia in the mid-1990s and co-founded 3D simulation and training provider Catalyst Interactive. Ken’s exposure to a wide range of industries, governments and defence/security agencies at an international level, has allowed him to develop a solid understanding of how technology can be applied to help people and organizations perform at a higher or safer level.

Speaker 3: Mr James Goodwin, Chief Executive Officer, Australasian New Car Assessment Program: How this work impacts ANCAP's safety rating system.

James Goodwin is a former journalist and news presenter with a professional career in corporate affairs and government relations. He has a particular interest in consumer advocacy and education, particularly in the areas of transport and safety as well as improving corporate governance in the not-for-profit sector.

Prior to joining ANCAP, Mr Goodwin held the position of Director - Government Relations & Communications at the Australian Automobile Association (AAA).   James also held a senior corporate affairs position with the industry body representing the interests of new car and motorcycle brands in Australia, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI).

Q&A Session Facilitator: Mr Geoff Hurst, FIEAust, National President of the Risk Engineering Society.  

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