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IoT in Defence Part 2: Case Studies from Thales


Webinar Recording: This webinar has now passed.

The recording can be viewed free by EA Members in MyPortal . Navigate to Industry Applications > Defence


Presenter:  Kerry Lunney, Country Engineering Director / Chief Engineer, Thales Australia International Council of Systems Engineering (INCOSE) President-Elect

About the Presenter:  As the Country Engineering Director and Chief Engineer in Thales Australia, Kerry provides technical leadership and governance on bids and projects, delivers technical training programs, and participates on a number of Technical Boards and Communities of Thales.  Recent roles include Chief Systems Engineer, Solutions Architect and Design Authority.  Prior to joining Thales, Kerry has worked overseas and locally for GTECH, Boeing and Rockwell.

Augmenting her career in Systems and Systems Engineering, Kerry holds the position in the International Council of Systems Engineering (INCOSE) of President Elect for 2018-2019, and will be the President for 2020-2021.  In addition, Kerry is a member of IEEE, a Fellow Member of Engineers Australia with the status of Engineering Executive and Chartered Professional Engineer, and holds the Expert Systems Engineering Professional (ESEP) qualification from INCOSE.

Organisation:  Thales in Australia is part of a leading international electronics and systems group serving the defence, aerospace and space, security, and transport markets in Australia and throughout the world.

Thales’s technology and products help airlines, air traffic control, urban transportation systems, and the energy and defence industries improve their real-time decision making. Thales as a leader in advanced systems takes advantage of the full range of IoT technologies, as appropriate to meet the needs of the customer and the ever increasing speed of technology change, in delivering its solutions.

Description:  The ability to capture and analyse data from distributed connected devices offers the potential to optimize processes, create new revenue streams, and improve customer service. However, the IoT also exposes organizations to new security vulnerabilities introduced by increased network connectivity and devices that are not secured by design.  Likewise the ability to fully utilise an IoT product within the constraints of defence industry acquisition frameworks is not without its challenges. This presentation will cover these aspects, including technical governance regimes, to operate IoT “stuff” in the defence world.

This is the second in a series of webinar on the application of IoT engineering in the defence industry. The first of the presentation can be found under the Defence tab of the IoT Engineering webinar portal at https://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/portal/IoT

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