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Building Management Systems and IoT


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Title: The death of Building Management Systems as we know them

Presenter: Bob Sharon, Chief Innovation Officer, Blue IoT

Description: Building Management Systems as a Service is a concept that is threating to change the 5a9ca12628275_Buildings50.thumb.jpg.8a45490d2ddf72648b88369541a22990.jpgbuilding industry as the internet of things continues to disrupt virtually every industry and traditional engineering approaches. Cheaper internet connected sensors can now be used to saturate a building providing far more data points connected to advanced cloud based analytical systems that deliver superior performance.

 In a prime example of the “democratisation of data”, this presentation looks at how building owners are being empowered to own their data while allowing service providers to help them optimise the efficiency and sustainability of their facilities. This approach also facilitates auditing of the actual performance of building management systems during the critical Defects Liability Period. Security is managed through protocols that minimise the risk of devices being hijacked, hacked or used as channels to get to corporate networked computers and servers.

About the presenter: Bob Sharon is a passionate “disruptor” and supporter of the blue economy, being deeply involved in how buildings can help shape a more sustainable environment while further reducing costs and risks. He sees IoT as a critical enabler and disruptor that will drive better business outcomes in a sustainable way. His focus is on efficient and innovative data centres in APAC, he is a NABERS accredited assessor who conducted the world’s first NABERS rating on a data centre (which was back in 2013) and he is a member of the executive council of the IoT Alliance Australia.

Prior to founding Blue IoT in June 2016, Bob has held a number of roles in the smart buildings and data centre spaces. He is also currently Chief Innovation Officer for iHome Energy, Founder, CEO of Entrepreneur’s Angels and Non Executive Director of The Stardust Foundation.

When: 12pm (NSW, Australia time) 6 March 2018. The presentation will last 30 minutes followed by 30 minutes question time.

Where: The presentation by webinar

Cost: This presentation is free to members of Engineers Australia (EA), the Australian Computer Society (ACS), the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and IEEE. Just provide your membership number during registration for the event. The cost for non-members is $30.

How to register: Please register on the Engineers Australia event system by clicking the register button above. 



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