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Asset Tracking with the IoT


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Recording: This webinar has now passed.

  • Members of Engineers Australia can view the recording for free on MyPortal. Logon and navigate to Functions > Tracking.


Presenter: Tony Lotzof, CEO and Founder of Leash It

Description: Asset tracking is enjoying a resurgence as a complement to the asset management suite of tools due to the dramatically falling costs facilitated by the IoT. It is now possible to track tens of thousands of devices cheaply and deliver analytics that support applications around compliance, productivity and security.

 For example, mission critical assets, such as an ECG unit that must not be removed from an emergency room, can be monitored and alerts sent if required.  Similarly, commonplace items such as laptops or fire extinguishers can be tracked to ensure they are not stolen. Nurses spend up to 30 minutes per shift looking for equipment and RTLS (Real Time Location Services) asset tracking can provide an app that allows them to go straight to what they need. 

Conversely, asset tracking can also be used to track the movement of people. One application is induction processes in construction, where alerts are raised if a new employee goes into an area they have not been inducted into or are not authorised to do so, reducing OH&S risks.

A particular focus of this webinar is asset tracking inside large multi-story buildings, where current communication solutions can find it difficult to pinpoint the exact location of an object on a floor plan. This webinar looks at a particular solution to this challenge that makes use of low energy Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, multiple gateways and software to constantly map the location of assets within the infrastructure. Sensors for heat, humidity and accelerometer can be added to the suite as well.

About the presenter: Tony founded Leash It in late 2014 after his bike was stolen from outside a café, while enjoying a coffee with friends. He wanted better way to secure his bike, quickly and easily, without carrying a chain. From this idea Cycle Leash was born and quickly morphed in to many more verticals and the company has had over 35,000 downloads of their App and is now available internationally. Leash It has evolved from a consumer product into commercial asset tracking and soon a smart cities solution. Prior to founding Leash It, Tony held IT roles in a number of businesses.


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