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Satellites and the new industrial frontier

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Recording: This webinar has now passed.

  • Members of Engineers Australia can access the recording for free on MyPortal. Navigate to Technologies > Communication Technologies


Title: Satellites and the new industrial frontier – how new space technology is intersecting with the Internet of Things

Presenter: Flavia Tata Nardina, Co-founder and CEO, Fleet Space Technologies

What you will learn:

  • How miniaturisation is driving a new generation of satellite technologies

  • Practical applications of nanosatellites

  • Key elements required to create industrial solutions leveraging space technology

Description: Outer space and terrestrial industries may seem light years apart, but new space technology is about to change that. Nanosatellite technology is rapidly approaching practical application as a disruptive new option for ubiquitous internet connectivity and efficiency, powering the new wave of industrial applications powered by the Internet of Things. From farms to factories, and shipping to mining, satellites have unique advantages for connecting sensors in remote locations or for tracking applications across wide geographical distributions. In a world of globalised supply chains, this technology is being seen as a game changer. However, end to end solutions are still evolving and required to enable large-scale deployment of low-cost solutions.

Fleet Space Technologies is launching the first two of a 100 satellites constellation at the beginning of 2018. It will provide a global backhaul service for the Internet of Things. This presentation will cover Fleets activities to date and discusses the practical applications of the technology for engineers.

About the presenter: Flavia Tata Nardini began her career at the European Space Agency as Propulsion Test Engineer. She then joined TNO – the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research – to work on advanced space propulsion projects. In 2015, Flavia co-founded Fleet, a connectivity company set to maximise the resource efficiency of human civilisation.


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