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Talk on Smart Technology Applications – The “Internet of Things” in Business


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While smart technology is rapidly expanding in the leisure sector, with apps, smart
beacons, mapping and way-finding offering better user experiences, stronger
relationships with consumers and, most importantly the ability to collect detailed
operational and behavioural data in real time, this technology has yet to
significantly infiltrate into other business sectors such as manufacturing,
construction and management system.

Electric Bench is one of the first IoT companies to grow innovative digital
ecosystems using a smart technology spine, deploying using multiple IoT
technologies to deliver dramatic improvements in business efficiencies, real time
data gathering and analytics intelligence, enhanced employee and contractor
communications and better performance in any business enterprise.

Electric Bench worked with the National Museum of Wales to create a user
experience of the artwork and exhibits that was enhanced by smart beacon
proximity devices that triggered video, audio & polling content directly to the
visitor’s device as they toured the building. This improved visitor numbers,
increased revenue and gave the museum important information on how visitors
behave to improve the layout of their exhibits in the future.

This technology is now being used to greatly improve productivity for
property management, HSE management, construction high risk environments
and contractor / short service employees’ governance. The ability to push and
receive real time data on current activity and behaviour gives organisations the
ability to be more agile and efficient in their supply chain, as well as reducing risk
profiles and having a better understand of the effectiveness of their controls.


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