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Augmented Reality for ‘in context’ visualisation of IoT data


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Recording: This event has now passed.

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Title: Augmented Reality for ‘in context’ visualisation of IoT data

Presenters: Allan Thompson, PTC Technical Manager, LEAP Australia

What you will learn:

  • What is Augmented Reality (AR) and how does it work? How does AR differ from VR?
  • How will AR change the way companies & engineers design, service and operate their smart, connected products?
  • What value does AR bring to Industry 4.0 / IoT strategies for the industrial enterprise?

Description: Developments in Augmented Reality (AR) have transformed the way engineers and developers in industry create, service, and operate their products in the new smart, connected world.  Engineers within the industrial enterprise can now quickly and easily create immersive AR experiences, without requiring any programming or expertise in AR.

Recent developments in hands-free AR headwear, combined with the wealth of IoT data available from smart connected products and systems, are now providing industry with the ability to provide technicians and customers with ‘in context’ visualisation of the digital attributes of their physical assets, in turn triggering huge changes in how they deliver training, servicing and preventive maintenance. The presentation will include examples that show how the use of AR delivers value to the enterprise across sales/marketing, R&D, training and operations teams.

About the presenter: For 19 years, Allan Thompson has worked with companies across Australia & New Zealand, helping them transform the way they develop, design and service their products through Digital Engineering.  During this time, he has worked with thousands of companies in multiple verticals to successfully implement CAD\CAM\CAE, PDM & PLM and more recently, IoT and AR solutions.


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