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The Raspberry Pi recipe for IoT


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View the recording: This webinar has passed. 

  • Members of Engineers Australia can view the recording free on MyPortal. Simply logon and navigate to Technologies > Sensors & embedded electronics

Presenters: Jan Newmarch, Director of Higher Education, Box Hill Institute

What you will learn:

  • How the Raspberry Pi platform can be used in IoT
  • How to integrate it with low power pans

Description: The Raspberry Pi single-board computer has enjoyed phenomenal success as a not-for-profit educational tool and is now forging its way into the burgeoning world of the Internet of Things, both as a learning tool and a low cost DIY alternative to big platforms. There are now several proprietary Raspberry Pi systems and some open ones, working in conjunction with low power PANs. IEEE802.15.4 covers the physical and media access layers, 6LoWPAN covers the networking layer using a variation on IPv6, while CoAP is (one of) the protocols of choice at the application layer. This presentation shows how to get these running on the raspberry Pi using the Openlabs 802.15.4 module.

About the presenter: Jan Newmarch is Director for ICT courses at Box Hill Institute and an Adjunct Professor at Canberra University. He has published over 80 papers and 6 books on various aspects of software engineering and programming. He is currently writing another book on the Internet of Things, having recently completed books on programming the Raspberry Pi's GPU, Linux Sound Systems and Network Programming with Go.


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