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Managing legal risks of IoT projects


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Recording: This webinar has now passed. 

  • Members of Engineers Australia can view the recording free on MyPortal. Just logon and navigate to Practices > Legal


Presenter: Ashley Kelso, Senior Associate, AustraLaw

What you will learn:

  • Practical strategies for reducing and resolving disputes on IoT projects
  • Key legal risks to address throughout the IoT project lifecycle
  • Effective contract management using IoT technology
  • Practical lessons from actual IoT litigation  
  • Legal risks and rights outside the contract

Description: Internet of Things (IoT) projects are a complex multiparty undertaking, requiring the cooperation of asset owners, technology providers, consultants, communication service providers, and a range of other stakeholders. Adding to this, the securing of legal rights for the use and maintenance of the ICT systems is critical to the ongoing operation of these projects.

Successful delivery and operation of these assets requires effective communication, a sound understanding of the legal landscape, and practical systems and procedures to secure the strength of your legal position if things escalate.

This webinar will take a practical approach, discussing the various perspectives of the stakeholders and the strategies to promote successful project delivery. Lessons will be drawn from past cases to illustrate how to do it, and how not to do it.

About the presenter: Ashley Kelso holds degrees in Mechatronics Engineering and Law. He is also a member of Engineers Australia and the Applied IoT Engineering Community. Ashley has worked in project management and systems engineering roles at the Department of Defence and is skilled in navigating the political dimension of projects, technical writing, and communicating technical issues to non-technical decision-makers.His legal experience covers work in equity, administrative law, contracts, civil litigation and alternative dispute resolution. More recently he has turned his attention to assisting those in the engineering and technology industries, with a particular interest in the Internet of Things. He heads up AustraLaw, a commercial arm of Kelso Lawyers, focused on IP, contracts, and dispute work.


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