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Things appear to be hotting up on the IoT connectivity/LPWAN front, with long standing player Taggle's spot deployments, Thinxtra rolling out Sigfox, spot deployments of Lora popping up, noises about Ingenu, and Myriota making  promises about direct  satellite connectivity.

The 1,000 lb gorilla remains telco based  LTE networks - Cat-M1 and Cat-NB1 (aka NB-IoT)  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NarrowBand_IOT  and whether the incumbent telcos will do anything meaningful about them.

Putting aside fears of "fake news" - if you believe press releases, there are some stirrings.



However, my personal view is "show me the money". 

When will deployed Cat-M1 and Cat-NB1 networks providing useful nation-wide coverage be available for use?

When will Cat-M1 and Cat-NB1 modems & modules (ACMA certified and telco-approved) be commercially available? (Manufacturers have made promises, but timescales appear to have slipped.)

Hopefully the recent Telstra announcement is a sign that they are going to move rapidly to deploy Cat-M1 - and hopefully in the future, Cat-NB1 - in a nation-wide rollout.  There is a huge opportunity available to them if they do so.  Reading the words in their latest announcement carefully, there appears to be no firm commitment or planned timescame for a Cat-M1 rollout - just "localized Cat-M1 trials" and "as Cat-M1 device and solutions become commercially available" being "well prepared to support their operation across its 4G network".

Networks need users to be commercially viable - but without networks there is nothing there for them to use.  Someone must commit and jump first.   Thinxtra are the only ones so far in Australia who have been courageous enough (and with deep enough pockets) to break this nexus and proceed with a national LPWAN rollout.  All credit to them.

Will the telcos commit to Cat-M1 and/or Cat-NB1?

Is there anyone watching who knows what is really going on at the telcos - in relation to the rollout of these systems?





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