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What is the best way of getting to the top of a short list of bidders or a pile of candidate resumes? Particularly when everyone is equally good? Many people are turning to thought leadership as the method of choice for building personal and organisational brand, increasing their marketing power and simply cutting through to grab people's attention. Blog posts in a targeted forum are a key way of doing that. 

I really encourage all members to start blogging here. Blogs are where you get to display your thought leadership and build your professional reputation. Blog posts are generally a well thought out statement or opinion about a particular topic. They are differentiated from the forum posts which generally end with a question and are aimed at stimulating debate. So you will firstly need to decide where to post your material. If you are doing a blog, here are some tips:

Tip number one is to use a great picture that grabs people's attention. 

  • You can get free copyright clear images from: http://search.creativecommons.org/ or https://pixabay.com/ but you can be limited in your choice.
  • There are also a huge range of commercial photography libraries where you can buy just about any kind of image. My recommendation for affordability and range is http://www.123rf.com/
  • Of course it is better to create your own image and an explanatory diagram is always good.

One you have published your blog post, you can use the image in social media to catch attention. Just write a short paragraph summarising your post and link it back to here. 

Tip number two is to focus on your audience. 

  • Who are they? What do you think they need or want? How can you deliver value to them? 
  • What is the one point you are making to them. Make it clear up front, develop it, and repeat at end. 

Tip number three is to craft your content.

  • Spend time on writing a compelling hook (introduction). Tell a personal story, quote a startling fact or anything that grabs people's attention.
  • Headlines are critical. Write no less than 10 headlines and ask 10 people which they think is best. 
  • Get someone else to proof your content for errors.

I look forward to hearing your thought leadership in this space.

Best regards, Community Facilitator


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